What is the importance of cleanliness in maintaining health?

Cleanliness is the basis of health, which means that cleanliness is a source of health, if we always keep ourselves and our environment clean, our bodies will become healthy and prevent us from various diseases. People should be familiar with sanitation in order to always create a healthy life.

The definition of sanitation itself is an effort or behavior to get used to living clean by avoiding contact with hazardous dirt and waste in order to always create a clean and healthy environment. Understanding environmental hygiene can be said to be part of health. Health is important for humans, because with a healthy and fit body we can carry out our daily activities to the fullest.

There are so many diseases caused by a dirty environment, such as dengue fever, skin diseases, diarrhea, and respiratory diseases. Humans live in groups in a society, therefore to create a clean and healthy environment there must be cooperation in the community. The community is expected not only to know the meaning of the notion of sanitation and the notion of environmental hygiene, but also to be able to apply it in their daily life, because it is very important for the creation of a healthy environment.

However, how to further explain the relationship between public hygiene and health? Let’s see the explanation below!

Creating Environmental Sanitation

We will feel comfortable when the environment around us, whether at home or at work, is clean, neatly arranged, does not smell bad, and is also beautiful. Community participation in creating a healthy environment is very necessary, the community must also care about the sanitation of the surrounding environment. Creating good sanitation is a shared responsibility, with good sanitation it will improve the quality of public health. Sanitation is usually associated with environmental sanitation and to obtain a healthy and clean environment must arise from one’s own awareness, should not feel forced.

From the previously mentioned definition of sanitation, we can see that sanitation is related to maintaining the health of our bodies and the environment around us. Common problems faced in environmental sanitation, for example, are waste disposal, waste disposal (human, animal, and industrial), the need for clean water, and clean air.

Environmental sanitation is very important. Community hygiene can be called a preventive treatment for most diseases. About 97% of diseases stem from unhygienic water conditions. Deadly diseases such as cancer are the result of environmental wastes such as plastics, ready-to-eat foods, synthetics, etc. They can be prevented by public awareness and cleanliness of the environment around us.

Environmental Cleanliness and Its Benefits

Creating a clean and healthy environment is the obligation and responsibility of all of us including the government, if all parties cooperate with each other, it will be easier and faster to create the clean environment we desire. The environment brings various impacts on human life, whether it is a dirty environment or a clean environment.

If our environment is dirty then the impact is like:

Easily attacked by various diseases such as dengue fever, diarrhea, intestinal worms, cholera, skin and other digestive diseases.

The occurrence of flooding from the habit of littering so that it clogs the road, the number of puddles will cause mosquitoes to easily breed. This is what then triggers malaria.

Garbage that accumulates causes an unpleasant odor and can become a breeding ground for disease.

The occurrence of water pollution, making the water unhealthy for consumption

Air pollution, causing air pollution that will interfere with the health of the body, especially inhibiting the respiratory tract, the occurrence of ARI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection), diseases that attack the lungs such as asthma, tuberculosis, and so on.

With the notion of sanitation, we all know how important environmental cleanliness is for humans, for that we must care about environmental cleanliness.

In order for us to avoid these things, our awareness is needed to jointly be able to maintain a clean environment.

The definition of environmental cleanliness is to make our environment clean, beautiful, beautiful, and healthy. For that we all have a responsibility to maintain and preserve it.


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