Methods to Avoid Wrinkles So Your Skin Always Smooth

You can lie to other people at your age and dress as if you are 20 years younger, but if you have wrinkles covering your face, the only person you are lying to is yourself. Wrinkles on your face are a picture of your real age and without realizing it other people already know your age.

You can actually reverse your appearance from unwanted lines and indentations on your face. Has your face been wrinkled? Avoiding wrinkles in the same way can help you feel as if you were 20 years younger.

1. Beware of Sunlight

The sun is actually the number one trigger of wrinkles. Do not often direct contact with sunlight. At least until you apply sunscreen before going out of the room. Every time you are in direct contact with sunlight it can burn your skin thereby disrupting cells and accelerating the aging process. Wear sunscreen every day to help protect the wrinkles on your face.

2. Sleep More to Avoid Wrinkles

This lack of sleep is often left if there is so much work to do every day. The thing is, if your body doesn’t get enough rest hours it can speed up the aging process.

During sleep, your body will work to rejuvenate and repair damaged cells. If you are sleep deprived, your body will produce a large amount of cortisol, which is the hormone that actually breaks down the skin so it is valuable for you. Getting more hours of sleep is one easy way to avoid unwanted wrinkles. Try to sleep for 8 hours last night.

3. Increase HGH / Growth Hormone

With age, Growth Hormone will experience a level of decline in your body. This reduction in growth hormone can have a lot of effect in speeding up the unwanted aging process, including a face full of wrinkles.

Exercising regularly can increase elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Brain Wave Music Treatment is one method that can increase HGH and prevent wrinkles.

4. End smoking to Avoid Wrinkles

The result of smoking habits is, it can force the formation of wrinkles. With a puff of smoke every time you smoke, you release enzymes that can break down the collagen and elastin in your face. The breakdown of these 2 very important components makes your skin thin.

5. Consume Healthy Food to Avoid Wrinkles

Eat a healthy diet, especially fruit and vegetables, this can help prevent wrinkles. The antioxidants contained in it can help fight free radicals and toxins that invade the body and cause damage to your skin. Not only antioxidants can prevent further damage, but antioxidants also help repair damaged cells by replacing them with new cells.

There are many foods that make great antioxidants, such as blueberries, artichokes, nuts, and cranberries. Consume these foods to reverse or prevent wrinkling of your skin